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Les enfants du péché : les racines du mal
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Les enfants du péché : les racines du mal

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    It’s the early 1990s in the continuing saga of the Dollanganger family. After undergoing psychiatric treatment in his teens following his encounter with his now deceased grandmother Corrine Foxworth, Bart Sheffield has become the sole heir of Corrine’s estate. He has rebuilt Foxworth Manor where he is living, and has legally changed his last name from Sheffield to Foxworth. The estate is legally being managed by Bart’s father, Christopher Sheffield, until Bart turns twenty-five as stipulated in Corrine’s will. Bart brings together his entire family to celebrate his twenty-fifth birthday, at which time an extra clause in Corrine’s will is to be read as per her instructions. The family includes: his parents Chris and Cathy Sheffield, whose incestuous relationship Bart is aware; his older brother and his wife, Jory and Melodie Marquet, who are both renowned ballet dancers; and his adopted younger teenaged sister, Cindy Sheffield, who is openly exploring her sexuality. Bart has pushed his…

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